Heart Games Summary

Heart Games Logo
Heart Games aims to become a company that adds value to the games, fulfilling dreams and developing features to create games that anyone can play: “Simple! Easy! Fun!”
Heart Games Research & Development Performance
Heart Games started research & development in 2017, commercialization of HTML5-based SNG games in 2018 and acquired 10 million users. Heart Games provides several social functions via Facebook messenger and groups. Games shows stable performance even with low specification H/W and low speed thanks to server and content technology Responsive UI development, so user can enjoy games in landscape (desktop) & portrait (mobile) modes.
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop integrated game application, website service.
  • HTML5-based lightweight game and social library upgrade development.
  • R&D of optimized and high-speed advanced network communication modules.
  • NFT service and own developed WEB marketplace provided by the Ethereum-based Layer2 polygon-based blockchain ERC-721 technology, as well as Opensea marketplace listing.
  • HeartCoin proposes a P2E model by adoption of DeFi monetization with focus on NFT. HeartCoin is intended for using with the NFTs through P2E gameplay of Slots: Heart Casino and Bingo Hearts games.

Core principles of Heart Games PTE. LTD. HeartCoin GameFi

  • Free-to-Play and Free-to-Mint with Premium Service.
  • Rewarding value creation by game users, users make the game together with the game company, and own the game's assets.
  • Game user and Game company take join responsibility not only for the profit, but for the game losses as well.
  • Player’s participation and User Experience are improved by building an infrastructure that connects Game-NFT-Community.
  • Management of the guild and community to connect game players and investors.
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