About HeartCoin(HTC)

HeartCoin creates an NFT-oriented 'Play to Earn (P2E)' world.

HeartCoin Token image
HeartCoin is a GameFi based on Polygon(MATIC) network.
HeartCoin proposes a new P2E model by adoption of DeFi monetization with focus on NFT.
HeartCoin이 HeartToken is oriented on usage of tokens through the NFTs and P2E using NFT. P2E (Play to Earn) means earning profits through game play.
For example, in the case of 'Axie Infinity', tokens, such as SLP and AXS, owned and used in the game, when SLP, which is a utility token, it is issued indefinitely. By purchasing required NFT characters, winning battles or completing daily quests, an ecosystem is built where user can acquire own tokens and achieve monetization by exchanging those tokens. However, the problem of high entry barriers and hyper-inflation of SLP are becoming a problem. In addition, despite several safeguards (Buyback/Bond), preliminary research confirmed that as circulation increases, the psychological resistance line begins to break and holders tend to “panic sell” their stakes. Depending on demand the supply of HeartCoin is regulated, and when the HeartCoin is used to upgrade the NFT, the previous NFT is burned. Setting That rule as the basis of Heart Games Universe GameFI any game can be launched via HeartCoin Token Protocol. This is not simple gambling structure when you gain or lose HeartCoin depending on your win/loss, but the system where the value of HeartCoin and NFT we systematically kept stable and the structure created in which users get rewards through play. HeartCoin aims to set NFT as a main and use "Continuous Unlock and Burn" through the games as the center model of its P2E. In the case of “Axie Infinity” mentioned above, the price of its own coin rises rapidly, making it difficult for the general public to enter. On the other side, acquired coins will drop in value negatively affecting monetization. Numerous dual-coin games do not create synergy, but double the risk.
To solve these problems, we make games with low entry barriers, so anyone who knows of can enjoy free play in a single HeartCoin ecosystem. Based on 2 Facebook games with total of 10 million users, we think that the most important parts will be service stability and user profitability.
We intend to make a good use of social features that can automatically attract users through long-term Social Network Games(SNG) development and service experience, and to increase user retention by continuously updating game content every two weeks.
Heart Games will maintain its value by controlling the circulation of the entire market at all times as well as the "Unlock & burn system of tokens. Valuing User’s reliability and algorithm stability above everything else it will help HeartToken to become your guide in emerging P2E market.