HeartCoin(HTC) Architecture

HeartСoin(HTC) aims to build a Heart Games Universe ecosystem in which DeFi, GameFi, P2E, and Community are organically connected and the NFT and the HTC token are connected in balance with supply and demand to build virtuous cycle.
By using only HeartCoin(HTC) token - the key currency of Social Casino GameFi, and by focusing on NFT, we plan to expand to build a stable GameFi ecosystem and increase users profitability.
We are building a continuous burn algorithm through our own developed two games: Heart Slots and Bingo Hearts.
HeartCoin(HTC) presents a new future value for P2E.
A liquidity pool created utilizing the initial NFT sales, allowing swaps on DEXs such as Quickswap.
The NFT issued by HeartToken will be used as a profile picture not only in-game but on various social media, including Facebook and will play an important role in the DeFi ecosystem where various services are provided.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

This is an essential element at the heart of the GameFi. Minting can be done for free. By owning a NTF you can acquire additional game money while playing.
It has various DeFi functions such as entering GameFi, profile picture, and Stacking. You can also use $HTC to Enchant(NFT upgrade).
We will enable user-to-user transactions through our own marketplace and OpenSea.
We plan to add a system that allows users to rent their NFTs to others through the NFT Rent service. This allows users to generate revenue in a variety of ways with high-grade NFTs.

P2E (Play to Earn)

Our Social Casino Games is a healthy leisure game genre that combines best of the casino and online gaming. Our aim is for players to enjoy the game for free with the Free2Play concept, while playing you can collect the profile parts to create an NFT of your liking to be used as profile picture, and with help of this NFT you can earn HeartCoin.
Also, since it is a betting game, you can win the game fast.
We implemented a game economy in which game items, such as game money, can be swapped to $HTC, and NFTs can be exchanged and used again.
The Heart Games Universe allows true Play and Earn by reinvesting the Game Credits earned in the Game into the game.

Defi DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

Through the chain expansion coins or tokens enter or left the HeartCoin GameFi are SWAPPED.
  • Locked Staking: As a method of developing single deposits, deposits by period are possible. You can earn $HTC in interest.
  • Liquidity Pool: We provide a Liquidity Pool using USDT, Polygon(MATIC) and $HTC token.
In the future, we will develop our own staking system to provide an interest boosting function that guarantees additional rewards.
Also we plan to provide an NFT Loan (loan with the NFT you have as collateral) in the future.

In-Game Shop

  • You can swap your Game Credits for $HTC through the In-Game Shop.

Community DAO

Starting with two games, Slots Heart and Bingo Hearts, we plan to launch P2E-based Social Casino games of various genres. In the future, we plan to expand the Heart Games Ecosystem by recruiting cooperative game companies for trading through our MarketPlace and our API.
By using various game communities, including the existing Facebook app pages, we will attract more users quickly and easily and acquire partners like Yield Guild Games. Community channels such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram and others will be used.
We will create a new business model by developing our ecosystem in collaboration with other game companies. First of all, we will secure a larger user pool by lowering the enter barriers in existing social casino games through the cross marketing, and other marketing channels.
In addition, through governance function with voting and collection opinions on HeartCoin GameFi operating, we will become an organization that operates transparently and independently without external intervention.

Chain Expansion

We plan to secure a position as a global-based service through cross-chain expansion with help of Bridge technology. We plan to develop into an evolving ecosystem by linking DeFi, Game, and Marketplace with a focus on NFT.